#OurProject52 – Silhouette

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Silhouettes are some of my favorite photos, though I’ve hardly ever taken them myself. Actually, never, except on accident. So, I was very happy to see Everyday Eyecandy’s tips on how to shoot them.

For the purposes of this week’s challenge, I took a photo very similar to the one LaShawn took for this challenge- only I used a plant.  The last thing I wanted to try was pulling off a self-portrait and figuring out settings for a silhouette at the same time.

botanical silhouette

I’m happy with the silhouette in the photo, but my focus was off. I haven’t quite figured out how to get my iPhone to meter at one location and focus on another.  I might have better luck with this using my good camera, but I have no idea how to do metering with it – something new to learn.

Have you ever shot a silhouette? What was the hardest part for you?

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