#OurProject52 – Fall

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As I mentioned before, there is not official #OurProject52 anymore, but I am still trying to do the prompts when I can.  This week’s theme is fall, which is a great theme for the 1st part of October.

We’ve had a lot of warm weather until the last week or so. That’s when the rain and the crisp fall weather finally showed up.  I’m glad to be back in my cardigans and boots, but I don’t trust the weather to stay this way for long.



Fall always seems too short lived around here. It will either get hot again, or do something worse and snow. Not that I mind the winter, but I’m very cold-natured and will need to get the heat hooked up to our bedroom, which hasn’t happened yet.


And it seems that every plant in existence has decided to produce pollen, and seeds that make me sneeze. Or maybe it’s my husband, dragging dust back in from the farm. Either way, my allergies are killing me this time of year.


Of course, the big thing Fall brings for me is the theatre company’s fall play.  It starts on October 9th, and I’m in charge of costumes. Which means there always seem to be piles of clothes in the back of my car.

What’s going on it your world right now?

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