Bookish Questions – Do you gift your friends and family with books?

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Do you gift your friends and family with books or bookish items?

I love giving books as gifts. For Christmas last year, I got one sister a book on making your own baby food – she just had that baby (Yea!); and I got my other sister an Amazon gift card so that she could pick out some books for her Kindle.  I also got my husband a couple of books. I always get him at least one at Christmas each year, though he doesn’t read anywhere near as much as I do.

Speaking of which, I need more shelves. Want to buy me some? My birthday is coming up in April.


  1. Jess on April 12, 2016 at 1:13 am

    I love buying (and receiving!) books for other people, especially if I’m sharing one if my favourites, I think it makes a special gift 🙂

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