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My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I’ve been giving some thought to things I might like to have for my birthday. In case you missed it, we recently bought a new house, so a lot of these things will be linked to that. Buying a house can be a long, drawn-out process, but we spoke with some friends and they told us they had used these Greensboro realtors and that the whole thing had happened so quickly! So we followed their advice, found some local realtors, and ended up with a lovely new home in next to no time. And since we’ve bought the new house, I’ve been planning what I’d like to do to it! Clearly, I couldn’t do everything by myself. I’ll need some help moving my existing belongings into it with a company similar to Atlanta Home Movers of course. But once I’m in, I can do what I want to it, all those things I have in my head can finally become a reality.

Fruit Trees

I would love to have fruit trees, and since they take a few years before they start producing fruit, I feel like we should plant them as soon as possible. I’m pretty sure that my husband will not get me the fruit trees, because my gift would be more work for him, keeping them fertilized and disease free, My fruit tree wishlist is as follows:


  1. Cherry Trees – I’d love to have a couple of dwarf Montmorency cherry trees. They are a nice tart cherry that is perfect for pie baking. And a big advantage as that these trees do come in dwarf size, so once they start producing in earnest, it would be easier to get to the fruit.
  2. Peach Trees – I’m looking at Hale Haven or Golden Jubilee peach trees, as those varieties are free-stone. Fresh peaches seem to be a favorite at our house, especially with ice cream. And they are very expensive to purchase, so having access to some right outside our door would be lovely. Plus, I could can them so that Matt and I could have them for lunches, and even pre-make and can pie filling.
  3. Apple Trees – I love a good Granny Smith apple, especially in baked goods. The tart flavor is the perfect contrast to all of the sweets. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a good source for Granny Smith in our area, maybe it doesn’t grow well in zone 6? I’m not sure. However, I have found a source for a variety simply called Early Harvest, which appears from its photos and description to be similar.
  4. Persimmon Trees – My husband loves persimmon pudding, and I enjoy making (and eating) persimmon cookies each fall. It would be nice to have access to some near our house, but I haven’t seem these available for sale.
  5. Blueberry Bushes – OK, not a tree, but they should be easier to care for than trees, and there’s already one in the yard. I think it’s lonely, and would produce much better with another bush or two to keep it company.
  6. Blackberry Bushes – Also not a tree, but I love a good blackberry, and Marybeth over at Alarm Clock Wars, has some prolific blackberry bushes that she might let me get some starts from.

Have you considered planting your own fruit trees? What fruit tree would you most like to have?

Outdoor Relaxation

Since the new house is in such a lovely area, I would love to be able to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. Some RMKB outdoor furniture would certainly do me. Perhaps a nice hammock, or a porch swing?

I’m madly in love with Modcloth’s “Unwind Outdoors Hammock.” It’s got a nice tight weave, and lovely details, though I’m sure it’s more money than my husband would want to spend on a hammock.

I’ve also been giving thought to an old-fashioned metal glider sofa for the front porch. It would be lovely to have something pretty out there to sit on and watch the sunset or read a good book.

What kind of outdoor furniture do you have? Is there a certain style that you use all the time?

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