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Duck Tales

There will be lots of fun duck tales in our very own Duckburg soon.  Ten happy little ducks arrived at our house on Thursday morning.   Because of the cold snap we’ve had this week, the cute fluffy ducklings are currently living inside. They seem to be enjoying their temporary home in a kiddie pool in our basement.  Their current accommodations include a feeder, water dispenser, strawed area, and an area near a heat lamp in case they get cold.


Looks for more posts about the ducks over the coming weeks.

In Other News

There are lots of other things going in the coming week. My youngest sister is graduating from high school, so I’ll be busy with graduation and parties on Saturday.  I also found my a treadle sewing machine for sale. It was 2.5 hours away, but with my husband’s blessing on the purchase, I’m able to send my dad on a delivery run to pick it up on Monday.

Actually in the News

Another airplane went down yesterday morning. Cause unknown. This seems to be happening all the time now.  I wonder if a higher percentage of planes are going down, or if I’m just noticing it in the news more.

A trailer for the new Star Trek series announced for 2017 is out. I really liked some of the later Star Trek series in the original universe, and I love science-fiction in general, so I think this is one of the times I just say “Good luck, don’t suck.”


  1. anna in spain on May 21, 2016 at 6:49 am

    I’d love to have ducks, they’re so friendly. Do you have a drake? Drakes have no self-control, he’d be at the ladies constantly. You don’t need a drake for eggs tho–just like chickens. They’re good at weeding your garden patch too.

    • Andrea on May 21, 2016 at 9:05 pm

      We did get one drake, but with 9 ladies, he shouldn’t be too hard on any of them.

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