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Email’s Out

This week been an interesting one at the office.  We had Monday off for Memorial Day. Tuesday was a bit busier, with some of the new freshmen on campus for orientation, but I’ve been bored out of my mind the last few days, as email service has been out campus-wide since the weekend.  I’m amazed at how much of my job really is dependent on people being able to easily pass me information and requests via the internet.  It’s supposed to be back up sometime late today, and let’s hope so, because it’s going to take ages to get caught back up.

Though the lack of email, has given me time to keep up with the everything going on around the web. Fights about gorillas and people’s ability to parent, Taylor Swift’s breakup,  and the latest in video game studies (I knew there was a reason, I was never good enough to beat this game).

On the Home Front

IMG_3927We lost one of the ducks earlier this week.  An animal tore up the metal mesh at the base of the coop and stole it. So, the ducks have taken up temporary residence (in a homemade pen made from pallets) inside the barn, until the exterior fencing for their pen is completed.

And, as you may remember, we lost our barn cat, Geordi, a week ago. But it seems I’ll never be long without cats. My dad brought 2 kittens from his neighbors over to live with us on Monday. They are already people friendly, but have very different personalities.  The black kitten is more outgoing and rambunctious, while the white kitten is shy and more stealthy.

Is there anything interesting going on in your life?


  1. anna in spain on June 3, 2016 at 9:43 am

    The school year is coming to the end and many of my students are going on holiday etc. so it’s “all change.” I am wondering–did you get the email I sent you of Lydia’s baby quilt? I finally was able to hand it off to her mom last Sunday. Baby Daniela should be home from the hospital now. Grandpa Vicente (my pastor) has lymphoma and starts chemo next week, so our poor little congregation is really going through the storms of late. I’m on the schedule to speak June 12, to help out.

    • Andrea on June 3, 2016 at 1:32 pm

      I did get those photos. I keep meaning to get a post written. Thanks for the reminder! I hope your pastor’s treatments go well.

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