#Project52 – A Portrait

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I just realized that I haven’t told all my lovely blog followers that I got my hair cut recently.  It’s been hot and humid around here for a while now, and I’ve not been able to do anything with my hair, so I had it all chopped off.  It’s similar to the cut I used to wear in high school, which I love.

13654275_10106561680087438_5796802821340576370_n 13620077_10106541173617568_7220147654584372383_n

And the best part is, that with the right glasses, I could be Harry Potter.




  1. anna in spain on July 23, 2016 at 12:06 pm

    Oh my, don’t you look cool and comfortable! I prefer a short bob myself, as you know. Love your new cut! And it shows off our special earrings to a treat.
    I was just listening to a Miss Fisher audiobook and I realised how freeing 1920s fashions must have been to girls and women who had never had even their split ends trimmed! In those days, you didn’t ever cut your hair unless you had a life-threatening illness. The “shingle bob” must have been a revelation, particularly in the summer–and no fuss and hairpins! Add to that getting rid of corsets and long heavy skirts–my goodness, no wonder they found the energy to demand the vote!

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