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Nerd Style

Have you noticed all the fabulous fashion choices for nerds lately? And no, I don’t mean pocket protectors. I’m talking about actual fashion with a geeky bent. Vans recently came out with a line of shoes featuring characters from Nintendo. Needless to say, I would love to have all of the shoes, but at $65-70 each, I don’t think I’ll get to do that. Instead, maybe I can convince my husband to let me have just one pair. I think perhaps I shall have to stick to seeing my favourite charaters on Nintendo DS Roms to give my bank account a break.



And Nintendo isn’t the only franchise making out like a bandit right now. Star Trek is celebrating 50 years with some fabulous jewelry. I really think I’m in need of one of the rings from the new collection. You can find those rings and more trekkie jewelry at


In other news, the 2016 Summer Olympics are opening in Rio tonight. I know lots of people get excited about watching them, but about the only Olympic events that have ever interested me are gymnastics floor routines and ice skating. I think it’s because it’s like watching dancing. Do you watch the Olympics? What is your favorite sport?






  1. anna on August 6, 2016 at 2:51 am

    I’m making my own “geek style”–slowly working on a Totoro messenger bag. I saw someone on Youtube make one for kids out of fake fur; I’m using quilting fabric. DH saved me a lot of heartache, too–I had decided to use some scraps of bedspread as the lining, you know that factory quilted stuff. As I was showing him my project it struck him that the scraps were deep red. Threw them in water and yes indeed–they started to bleed like nobody’s business! If he hadn’t been paying attention, it would have ruined the bag the first time it got wet. Back to the cutting table–but now I have a chance to put a pocket in the lining!

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