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It’s harvest time, which means the air is full of corn dust and all I want to do is sneeze.  That mean’s I’m spending most of my time inside for the next few weeks, but I am still enjoying watching the ducks for a while every day.


We’ve lost a few ducks to predators since we first got them, but we still have 6 females and our male duck.  He’s easy to pick out, with his dark head.  It’s starting to get a green tint to it, which means it must be close to mating season.  I’m hoping that means the ducks will start laying soon.  According to the hatchery, they should start laying at around 20 weeks, which would be mid-October. 

I’ve also been letting the kitten inside in the evening to feed her, and letting her stay in the house for a few hours before bed. 

lucky kitten

She spends most of that time curled up on the back of a chair, or in my lap, but she also makes an effort to play with Mouse, our indoor cat.  Mouse does not like it.  But she must be getting more used to the kitten, because we don’t have all-out brawls anymore. And that’s a good thing, because my fall TV shows are starting again and I don’t want to miss something to break up a cat fight.

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