One Month

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Mildred turned 1 month old on Monday. It seems like we were just in the hospital with her a week ago, but that might just be because I’ve probably only gotten a week’s worth of sleep in the last month.

I should probably just be glad that I’m not Milli. She’s been having tummy troubles again – lots of burping and gas.  We’ve been using gas drops and gripe water with little effect, so I started her on a probiotic drop yesterday. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that she’s developing issues related to the soy milk.  Since she is older now, we may try to go back to a milk based formula, but if that doesn’t work we will probably have to get a little creative and try something like goat milk.

I’m hoping that we can get Mildred feeling better soon because all her tummy troubles are taking away from her being the sweet, happy baby she normally is.

This week was also Milli’s hearing test.  She failed the screening in her right ear at the hospital, so we had to schedule more involved testing. There were 3 different tests. One checked for fluid on the ear, one was some sort of echo test to see how the ear drums reflected sound, and the last test involved electrodes being attached to her head to check how her brain responded to sounds. I am happy to report that all 3 of the tests showed her hearing was in the “normal” range. 

So that’s the update for life around here. What is going on in your life?
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  1. anna on April 13, 2017 at 10:43 am

    Nothing like your excitement…spring has sprung here and I am in the process of putting away winter clothes and bringing out and ironing summer ones. In a couple three weeks we’ll be over 30ºC and I’ll be wishing it were autumn! I am so glad we got a base for our matress that lifts up and there’s storage space underneath. I discovered those plastic clothes-storage bags you suck the air out of with a vaccuum cleaner and it shrinks the bulk–what a blessing! I hate to iron, probably because I do it so badly. I had hoped to spend the long Easter weekend (Thursday is a local holiday) working on my quilt but instead I’ve spent today proofreading a science paper for a friend. Tomorrow it is my intention to spend most of the day flopping in bed reading and watching movies. Feels like Totoro time again! Maybe I can sew some on Saturday.

    • Andrea on April 18, 2017 at 12:47 pm

      I hope you were able to get some sewing done. I haven’t made it to my sewing space in ages. First I was too tired because I was pregnant, but now I’m too tired because the baby won’t let me get any sleep.

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