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I am a messy person by nature, tossing all of my stuff into what I like to consider “organized piles.”  Unfortunately, those piles tend to get so large that they stop being organized, or worse yet, they are in places like my purse, which become a giant black hole. 

That’s why I’m a huge fan of pouches. And why I’m so glad that offers well made studio pouches in endless patterns.

Redbubble’s pouches come in two sizes. The smaller version is 9.5-inches wide and 6-inches tall, while the larger version is 12.5-inches wide and 8-inches tall. Recently, I picked up a couple of the small pouches, which I am using to help organize my art supplies.

I keep most of my traditional art supplies at the office, and in an attempt to make it easier to find what I’m looking for, I use an assortment of vases and other containers to organize most of them.  However, there are some art supplies that I like to be able to grab quickly and take with me.  That’s what the pouches are for.  I use one to store my prismacolor pencils, and the other shading pencils.

The pouches have made life much easier any time that I want to take my good pencils with me for a project at home (even if that project is usually fancy coloring pages).  What would you use these pouches for?





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