Mildred Jane at 11 Months

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Mildred is 11-months-old and becoming quite the big girl. She follows the hubs and me around the house, tho for her, crawling is mostly a way to get somewhere so that she can pull up on something and stand.

She hasn’t figured out walking yet, but she likes to shake her booty when there’s music on.  And she has learned the word “no.”  When I tell her no, she likes to smile at me and say “no, no, no” while she does it anyway. It’s something we’re going to have to work on.

Milli went to her 1st conference this month. It was a trip to Indy for the Indiana Farm Bureau Young Farmers Conference.  Matt & I generally go every year, and it’s a family-friendly event, so we took Mil along.  While we were there, she got to watch the Silly Safari.  After it was over, she got to pet a baby alligator and a bunny.  I think she really liked the bunny because it felt like our cats at home, but it didn’t run away from her when she petted it.

And she got to try out the pedal tractors.  They’re a bit too big for her to reach the pedals yet, but I think you can already tell which one is her favorite. 

I can hardly believe it’s only one more month until her 1st birthday.  I already know what she’s getting It’s ordered and everything.  I’m just not sure if we’re going to do a big 1st birthday party or not.  It sounds super stressful.
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