Toy Organization Essentials for Tiny Humans

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One thing I have discovered about tiny humans is that they love to get all the things out, but not put things back up.  Mildred is a great example of this.  She will be playing with a toy, and then become distracted by another, and another, leaving a trail of toys in her wake.

That means that quick easy toy organization is a must at my house.  I need to be able to organize her toys in a way that makes it both easy for her to access her toys and easy for me to clean them up.

What I Use

  • Shoe Rack -
    The low height works well for giving Mil easy access to her toys.
  • Large Floor Basket
    Because of it’s large size (it’s taller than Mil), I keep the big stuffed animals and soft toys that she doesn’t play with often in this basket.
  • Medium Floor Basket
    This basket houses the smaller stuffed animals and soft toys that she plays with most.  The lower height makes for easy access.
  • Small Bins
    These fit nicely on the shoe rack shelving and allow me to organize loose toys, like blocks.
The shoe rack with baskets (ours are coral), and medium bin can be seen in this photo.  Our large bin is our of frame, to the left of the bookcase.

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