I’ll Cry If I Want To! – 3 Tips for Child Photography

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The weather has finally warmed up around here, the grass is green and flowers are blooming, which makes it a great time to get some outdoor photos of your favorite tiny human.

Unfortunately, kids aren’t always cooperative. That’s something I was reminded of earlier this week when I tried to get some new photos of Milli. Being just over a year-old, Mil is at that clingy stage where she wants to be held almost all of the time.  That means that as soon as I sat her down, I got “screamy face.”

I actually kind of love the shot, but it’s not the photo I wanted.  The photo I really wanted was one of Mil standing in the bed of orchids that are taller than she is.  And, while I didn’t get that shot this time around, I did manage to salvage my photo shoot and get a couple of good photos – even without a smile.

But that brings me to the reason I’m writing this post.  Even though I don’t always follow these rules (which leads to grouchy photos) – here are the top 3 tips I’ve discovered for getting good shots of babies.

1 – Timing

Kids can be super grouchy when they are tired.  Don’t believe me?  Mil often falls asleep in the car on the way home from the sitter.  She didn’t the afternoon I tried to take these photos, so what I had was a tired baby who just wanted mommy and needed a nap.

If you can, take your photos after they 1st wake up, either in the morning or from a nap… tho do give them a bit of time to really wake up or you’ll probably still get grouchy faces — at least if you’re photographing my kid.

2 – The Clothes

I do have some special outfits that I’d like to have Mil’s picture in, but if she’s not comfortable, it will be harder to get good photos.  For the best photos, especially of playing, make sure your kiddo is in something comfortable.

3 – Location

If you’re like me and trying to take photos of your kids by yourself, remember that you can’t hold them while you’re taking photos. Kids are quick, so you want to avoid taking your photos in places where you kids might easily run off  into danger – think falling into a pool or running into traffic.

If you’re wanting to take photos at a location with potential dangers like this, make sure you bring another adult with you to be a child wrangler.

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