A Gift from Cracker Barrel

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A while back, I wrote an update on Mildred for her 18-month birthday.  In that update, I mentioned that Milli had her 1st visit to Cracker Barrel and how much she liked it. One of Cracker Barrel’s toy buyers came across the post, and sent a lovely email to me and an offer to send Mil a gift basket.  I obviously wasn’t going to turn that down, so I gave her our address, and Milli received an amazing gift basket from all her friends at Cracker Barrel.

They sent us some lovely items that Milli was very excited about.  The first thing she saw when I opened the box was the Butterflies doll and she wanted me to open it immediately.  She carried it around all weekend, so I’ve already got to see how I can wash it’s clothes to get the drool off (Mil is teething).

Gifts from Cracker Barrel
Cupcake Surprise Wedding Surprise Doll

But that wasn’t the only thing that they sent.  They sent her lots of neat toys, like they carry in the store.  Milli received a Cupcake Doll, like I had growing up.  It’s from the Wedding collection, and smells good enough to eat.  I love that she can use these in her kitchen when she is not play with them as dolls.

Cracker Barrel sent her two more dolls, which are the vintage Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  We got the original Strawberry Shortcake and her friend Angel Cake.  I haven’t opened them up for Milli yet, because I’m trying to just give her a few items at a time, but I’m quite sure that she will get as much enjoyment out of these dolls as I got out of the ones I had as a child.  I actually found a few of my old Strawberry Shortcake dolls in a closet at my mom’s house a few weeks ago, and let me just say that I hope her dolls manage to keep their clothes.

Doll Carrier

The last doll-related item that we received was a doll carrier, which is still a bit big for Milli to use, but once she gets a bit taller, I think she will really enjoy this one.  Particularly since it will mean she can carry even more dolls at once.

In, non-doll items, Mil received an adorable little fashion dog called a “Style Pup” in pink plaid pajamas with a coordinating carrier.  I always loved playing with stuffed animals when I was a child and this one is going to be exceptionally fun for us to play with together.  This item isn’t available online, so I’ll have to check next time we’re in the store to see if they have any more outfits for it.

Fisher-Price Classic See 'N Say

She also got a Fisher-Price Classic See ‘N Say.  Another classic from my childhood, I’m pleased to see my daughter enjoying this toy.  She’s already been pointing to some of the animals on the outside and telling me what they are.  Since we live on a farm with cows and ducks, she’s got those two down.  She also knows that the cat is “Kitty” and what a pig is.

Then, as if all the toys weren’t enough, Cracker Barell also sent Mil some new clothes.  She received a lovely new fleece coat to wear this winter.  It’s even hot pink, which Mil loves (and the color is growing on me). Plus, she got a new knit and cotton dress in a fun numbers print, a headband, and some fabulous new sparkly hot pink shoes.

Needless to say, my husband an I were floored by Cracker Barrel’s generosity and look forward to doing much more shopping and eating there.

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