Mildred Jane @ 20 Months

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Mildred is growing up, a little at a time. In the last month, she’s done a lot better communicating what she wants with words instead of just crying until I figure out what she wants.

I think Milli might be going thru a growth spurt, because she’s been wanting to eat constantly for the last week.  She is finally up over 20 pounds – a whole 21.4 lbs. – but she’s still only 29 inches tall. I checked with a yard stick over the weekend.

Mil went as a Minion for Halloween.  She looked super cute in her costume, and can wear all of the bits from her costume again.  She’s already getting lots of use out of the hat.

Mil enjoys wearing her Minion hat outside all of the time.

Milli has also been wanting to help me in the kitchen. She even “helped” me make great-grandma’s Banana Oatmeal Cookies over the weekend.

What have you been up to?

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