Handmade Ornaments

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With the tiny human to take care of, I really don’t have a good way to do crafting projects at home.  My sewing space is in the basement and full of things that might be dangerous to Mil if I left her unattended, which if basically what I would be doing, if I did any sewing, because even if I am right next to her, there are too many things she could decide to eat or play with that could hurt her in that space. Yea pins, needles, and rotary cutters!

That means I’m having to find other ways to be a bit creative.  And one of the things I’ve found that I can do is to make handmade Christmas ornaments during my lunch break at the office. 

Felt ornaments are super fun to make and can easily be done by hand, so this year, I’ve decided to give them a try, making them during my lunch breaks at the office.

I’ve made a few so far, using a handy dandy tutorial (with template) from SwoodsonSays.  Check out her tutorial here.

While her tutorial is for a machine sewn version, the concept can easily be adapted for hand sewing.  I made a couple variations with inset fabric, utilizing a basic running stitch to attach inset fabrics, but am most pleased with my ribbon variation.

Ornaments made using Swoodsonsays template

Do you have crafty projects you work on during your lunch breaks?


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