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It’s the time of year where we’re all supposed to be merry and bright, so today, I’m participating the the Merry & Bright link up on The Blended Blog.  That means I get to share a few things with you that are bringing me joy.

Right now the biggest joy in my life is a full night’s sleep.  We don’t get them every night, or even every other, but they’re starting to happen a bit more often. And to wake up for the first time at 7:00am instead of 2:00am certainly feels like Christmas miracle.

Milli and kitty take a nap.

I also love Trolls, ya know, that movie that came out a couple years ago, voiced by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake.  It’s a super cute movie, and Milli’s favorite right now. That means I have to love Trolls too.  They recently took the movie off Netflix, which surprised me since they have a Netflix original TV show based on the movie (seriously, whoever took it off is a Bergen), but that brings me to my next bit of joy.

Amazon 2-Day shipping!  It’s a half hour drive for me to get anything outside of the basics, like milk and bread, so I’m glad to have the option to  get a copy of that ridiculous movie on DVD with 2-Day shipping. It keeps the tiny human happy and entertained, and helps me keep my sanity.

What things are making you happy right now?

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