#EyeCandyProject52 – Weeks 5-8

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I’m pretty proud of myself for making it 8 weeks into LaShawn’s #EyeCandyProject52 photography challenge without missing a photo yet.

Week 5

Rule of Thirds
The Rule of Thirds is a basic tenant of photography where you break an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts, (think tic-tac-toe) and place your points of interest where the lines cross. You can also use those divisions to place objects off-center in a pleasing way.

My submission for this category was a couple of photos of my daughter wandering under some easels. In the 1st image, the easel legs divide the image into vertical thirds, with my daughter centered on the top horizontal third. In my 2nd image, the legs of the easels create leading lines into the image, with my daughter along the right third.

Week 6

We had nasty, cold weather in week 6, so I felt like some black and white photos of the stark leafless trees were appropriate.

Week 7

My Love
This was a great time to share another photo of my favorite tiny human. It wasn’t the photo I was really going for, as Mil didn’t want to cooperate with picture taking, but I was happy with how this one came out.

Week 8

We’ve had lots of cold weather, but none of the traditional snow scenes of winter lately, so I went with showing the cold through some closeups of frost on the grass.

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