#EyeCandyProject52 – Weeks 9-12

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Week 9

Low Light
For the low light challenge, I chose to go with a shot of the sunset.

Week 10

From Above
I’ve recently been taking a class on Skillshare where I have been learning about flat lay photography, so this was a great chance to practice those skills.

Week 11

Photographer’s Choice
I spent most of this week home with a sick kid, so I decided to use the time to snap some images of her. She’s rarely a willing participant in photos anymore, but I try.

Week 12

Deliberately Out of Focus
Taking photos that were deliberately out of focus was a bit of a challenge for me. I was shooting with my phone this week, and it doesn’t like to cooperate with focus, but I did finally get a couple photos I was OK with. Next time, bokah.

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