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I love finding great deals on quality products, so I’m pretty excited about this month’s TBB Asks. Let’s jump right into this Q&A about shopping.

Top 3 Shops

This is super hard for me, because where I shop depends entirely on what I’m needing to buy. Although recently, I’ve found the site Shoppok which provides me with everything I need – from furniture to fashion!

When I’m shopping in store:

  • Target – I often shop at Target for our family’s basics, ya know, diapers, tissues, and the like. I often have Mil with me when I’m running these errands, and our Target is always clean and well staffed – super important when you’re out and about with a tiny human. I can also use my AMEX Blue Cash Preferred in Target and earn rewards points! The rewards can be redeemed against a lot of things so it’s a pretty nifty card to have.
  • Dillard’s – Our local Dillard’s in in the mall, which I generally try to avoid, but because it’s an anchor store, I can easily go to Dillard’s without having to enter the mall proper. I like shopping here for clothes and shoes. My main reason for loving Dillard’s is that it’s the only store I know of that actually carries by bra size in store, and bras, like shoes, are something I feel like I just need to try on to get the right fit. A lot of their clothing items are pretty pricey, but I love their sale racks. I’m usually able to find great pieces for prices I can afford.
  • @ Home – This is a home goods store, which I really just love to wander thru. I rarely buy much, because I don’t actually need anything for my home, but it gives me lots of great ideas for redecorating, and they have a great selection of home organization products.

When I’m shopping online:

  • Amazon – I hate to be the person that buys everything from the giant conglomerate, but the free 2-day shipping with prime is amazing, and you often just can’t beat the price.
  • Modcloth – This is probably my favorite place to order clothes online. They have a fun, funky sense of style that works for me.
  • Zulily – I’m not a big fan of the wait, or paying shipping, but I love that they have new items every day. And it’s also been a great way for me to discover brands I didn’t know about before and can’t get anywhere else. When I have a spare 10 minutes I often spend time adding things to the cart but I very rarely buy everything that I put in the cart! So it would be interesting to see what their eccomerce metrics are. Salesforce has a really interesting input on this.

In Store or Online

I love to shop in store when I can, but for convenience (and because of the tiny human), a lot of my shopping has to be done online. It’s a lot easier to do womens online shopping now, so why not make the most of it?

Favorite Thing to Shop For

My favorite thing to shop for right now, seems to be things for Milli. I often find myself checking out the latest sales on toys and clothes for my favorite tiny human. Her birthday is coming up on the 10th, so I’ve been adding tons of things to her wish list, and picking up a few items too.

Plan Toys has a lot of great toys for kids her age.

What do you hate shopping for?

Honestly, the thing I hate shopping for most is our basic groceries. I feel like I’m always forgetting something, or that I didn’t get everything we needed because someone in the house forgot to tell me that we were out of something. Plus, our local grocery is really expensive, and I hate to drive a half hour or more with cold items.

Favorite thing you’ve ever bought?

My favorite thing I’ve ever bought is my house. I love that it’s ours and I can decorate it however I want… at least if I can get my husband behind it.

Shopping Alone or with Others

I love being shopping by myself. Granted, I always have a good time shopping with my mom, but outside of that, I just like to be able to take my time and look at the things I want to look at, which is sometimes hard to do when you go shopping with other people.

Best Bargain

It’s hard for me to pick one thing that feels like the best bargain I’ve ever gotten, because I rarely pay full price for anything. I have however, been quite pleased with the recent sales over at, where I purchase a lot of my basic clothing items.

Thrift Stores?

I love to go thrifting, but I haven’t done it in ages. It’s actually really hard to thrift shop when you have a tiny human with you. I am looking forward to going to a local antique fair later this spring tho. I’ll be meeting my mom there, which means I’ll have some help with Mil and will actually be able to look at things.

Best Cities for Shopping

I live in the middle of nowhere in Southwest Indiana. We don’t have much in the way of shopping. If you are looking for the big name brand stores, I’d recommend you go to Evansville (where I often go for my weekly errands). But if you’re more into boutique shopping, you should head over to the Jasper/Huntingburg area. They’ve got a lot of great little shops with lovely products.

Style Fashion Icon

I’m some strange combination of Iris Apfel and Audrey Hepburn. I love clean classic looks, but I also want those pops of color and fun accessories.

I have yet to figure out how to achieve both in a cohesive look, but I’m working on it.

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  1. Heather on March 4, 2019 at 3:07 pm

    I love your style icons! You did such a thorough job in this post! I agree about Target! We don’t have a Dillards and just got an @Home. Those toys look like fun to shop for!

    • Andrea on March 5, 2019 at 8:12 am

      Thanks so much for stopping by. If you’ve got tiny humans, I definitely recommend checking out Plan Toys.

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