Tech and the Two-Year-Old

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I’m the mom that bought her two-year-old a tablet. Granted, there’s lots of research out there about how it’s a terrible idea for your young child to be in front of a screen all the time, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some good apps out there to help her developing brain. — And, let’s be honest, sometimes mom needs a break.

For Milli, I went with Amazon’s Fire tablet for kids. It’s comes with something called “Freetime” which allows me to set limits to how long she can use the tablet, and how that time is spent, which will be great as she gets a little older, but for now, my favorite part about it was the kid proof case, because you know a two-year-old is going to be rough on anything electronic.

Mil has a couple of apps that she loves to use on the tablet, one is the Peppa Pig app, which she uses from my adult account on the tablet, because it has a subscription to allow you to access all of the content. I love the Peppa app because it allows her to watch videos from the show (we don’t get Nick Jr., which is where it’s shown in the states), and because it has games to help her with learning colors, numbers, and shapes.

She also loves the apps available in FreeTime featuring a character called Pango. These games allow her to navigate through stories, work on her spatial recognition, and creativity.

I’m currently letting her play on the tablet for an hour or so each evening, and she loves it. She even gets mad when I take it away, because it’s hers, but Peppa and Pango need to sleep, and she has more playing to do.

Do you let your kids use electronic devices? If so, what are your favorite apps for your child?

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