Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime

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I'm doing my best to make Christmastime magical for Milli, even though doing all the things can sometimes trigger my anxiety.  I feel like it's important for Mil to have happy memories of her childhood, especially of the holidays.  That's why I made sure to add a couple things to our Christmas traditions this year.

I added an advent calendar where she gets to open a little bag with a small gift each day.  Most days are a chocolate candy, but I also got her some little lotions, lip glosses, and bracelets for a few of the days.  She's been enjoying opening one of her bags each morning.

The other new thing was that attending the Christmas Tree lighting at the University where I work.  It's the 1st year they've done one, and I knew it was something that Milli would enjoy.  She got to make her own s'more, talk to Santa, and play with some of the other kids from town while we waited for the tree to be lit.

We also did our annual cookie day at Grammy's house.  Mil had an absolute blast making and decorating cookies with her cousins.  My mom has been doing this since before Mil was born.  We used to get together and bake lots of fancy desserts, but in recent years, it's been more about the kids getting to be creative.

How have your annual traditions changed over time?  Have you added any new ones recently?  Have changes in your family, or the COVID pandemic affected how you celebrate?

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