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I haven't written up a Friday Favorites post in ages, but with Valentine's Day coming up, it seemed like a great time to share something that made a great stocking-stuffer for my tiny human, and is also perfect for Valentine's. Just before Christmas, while looking for stocking-stuffers for Mil that weren't cheap throwaway items, I came across Back to Basics Curriculum, a small female-owned business that makes the most adorable product.  It's an acrylic disc filled with little objects, so that you can play iSpy on the go.

I ended up getting Mil several different versions of the iSpy disc, a rainbow disc with loads of fun things to find, a Christmas nativity themed disc, a fall themed disc, and a custom one with mermaids, princesses, unicorns, and all the other magical things she likes. So when I discovered that Back to Basics was making Valentine themed discs for the holiday, I jumped on the bandwagon.  Now, because we have so many already, that are all the same size and shape, I did ask if we could have ours as a circle shape, but generally the Valentine's ones are heart shaped, like in the I stole from her instagram feed below.

valentine iSpy discs from Back To Basics Curriculum

Each disc that we've ordered so far has come with it's one bag to carry it in, along with a magnifying glass and card of items to look for.  Mil has had a blast looking at all the fun things to find in each of hers and goes back to them again and again.

I'm not getting any sort of discount or pay for telling you about this particular product (I didn't even tell them I was writing this) but I love her stuff so much and think you should support her too.

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