#EyeCandyProject52 – Weeks 29-32


Week 29 Summer TimeFor me, summer time means two things, heat and allergies. I have never handled heat well, and am allergic to pretty much everything outside, so I present to you air conditioning and weeds. Photos taken with my Nikon. Week 30 ReflectionThe reflection off of my computer glasses, which have a special coating…

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#Project52 – Summertime

Summer is time for swimming, and apparently time for ducks at my house. It’s also a time full of fluffy baby kittens. What does summertime mean for you? Save

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In the Yard

It’s finally warmed up enough outside that flowers are blooming and we could start our vegetable garden. I’ve got exactly one bloom on the rose bush I started from grama’s rose bush a couple years ago.  The plant is still small, but it really seems to be thriving, with lots of new growth this year. …

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