I’m a Mess

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As the post title implies… I am a mess…. or if I’m not a mess, my house certainly is.  My hubby says I’m a pack rat.  I’d like to prove his wrong.  My plan for this?

Declutter the house!

Step 1 – Get rid of unwanted/un-needed books.  I have started this one already, by going through my cookbooks and copying out recipes for the many books that only have one or 2 recipes I use.  I’m also going to go though my paperback books as well.

Step 2 – Go though the mail at least once a week and get it off of the kitchen table.

Step 3 – Clean out the linen closet.  It’s absolutely amazing how many towels one collects.  We got towels for wedding gifts, plus all of the towels I ended up with from using them to pack stuff I was moving

Step 4 – Speaking of stuff I was moving… I move a TON of stuff into the house with me.  Both furniture and other items.  I really need to go thru and get rid of the things I haven’t used since I moved in.  And pare down the amount of furniture I have.

Step 5 – Pare down my crafting supplies.  This will probably be the hardest things for me… I have a lot of crafting supplies.  Expect me to have to have Matt or someone walk me though getting rid of that stuff… Otherwise, I’ll keep it forever.

Step 6 – Get rid of excess junk in the house.

Anyone have any ideas on easy ways to declutter?

2 thoughts on “I’m a Mess”

  1. I went vertical this year. Filled a room with bookshelves and filled the bookshelves with labeled totes. I made sure it was a basement room that no one needed to ever go in but me, and I stacked it floor to ceiling all the way around. I also had to get 4 of these. And this is after having a massive yard sale. Of course, I had to share it with comic books and video games. We call it the hobby room 🙂

    1. I’d love to have one… but first it would require that the basement not be one gigantic space…. mostly, I need to clean things out. I cleaned out my closet the last time I did my monthly laundry day. I even went thru and got rid of some shoes I don’t wear any more. I’m sure that Good Will was happy. I need to go thru my crafting supplies, and quite a few other things, but first I want to get the couch moved in. I’m hoping that can get done some time this week. 🙂

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