That Quilt Project

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So, it has occurred to me that I haven’t bothered to tell you all how my quilt project is going, in quite a while.  Basically, as soon as I got my sewing machine back, I started having problems with it again. This is a big problem!  Partly, because I’d like to get the pieces for my quilt done, but also because I need the sewing machine for my super secret project.  It’s been at least 2 months since I’ve worked on either one.  And that means I’m way behind.

I don’t have a deadline for my quilt, but I was hoping to have the super secret project done by the end of the year.  I think this means that I’m going to have to go visit my mother-in-law and see if I can use her machine, or if she would be willing to help me with it.

As for my quilt project, I did manage to get one of my circles put together before the sewing machine started acting up again.  Of course, it was the easiest one….  Stripes.

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I used two contrasting polka dot patterns for the stripes.  It looks a little like jail house stripes, but I think it will work in the finished design.  At least I hope it will.

I’ve also started on the square blocks for the largest of the circles, but am having a hard time staying motivated.  Apparently I like to start things, but not finish them.  What keeps you motivated to work on (and eventually finish) your projects?

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  1. YouTube Clock GOWidget 1 21 Apk . on February 27, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Well, I found this wonderful pattern in my stash that I bought at the Western Washington Quilt hop a couple of years ago.

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