Spontaneous Corrections

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Do you ever have one of those days where you’re working on a project and do something completely stupid that you know better than to do? I had one of those last night.

I wanted to make myself up a zipper pouch for my purse, and settled on some scrap tablecloth vinyl for the outside and some silk that used to be one of my grama’s scarves for the interior.


interior closeup

Things were going well when I stitched the 1st side of the pouch to the zipper. Then I went to iron it. I know better than to iron vinyl. I ended up pulling the vinyl away from the backing in one place next to the zipper. My solution? Spontaneous addition of lace.

vinyl issues

I love how the lace covers up my mistake, and it adds a nice feminie touch to the grey vinyl exterior. I think it even makes it work a bit better with the silk I used for the interior.

pouch interior

What’s you go-to solution for hiding you sewing mistakes?

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7 thoughts on “Spontaneous Corrections”

  1. Basically the same as you, say a slightly naughty word to myself (imbecile, stupid). Then think for a minute or two how to cover it up. I too think it looks better with the lace. I would never have picked the vinyl, but the lining and lace turning it very feminine and all you do is wipe it off. Don’t you love it when our mistakes turnout great!

  2. The same way… some design element that works with the project.. but hides the mistake. Always challenging, but always interesting!

    1. Thanks Janie! This was a fun project to do, and was a little impromptu in itself, as I decided to make it the day I switched out my purses and suddenly had no pockets and a whole lot of stuff floating around loose in the bottom. I hope you are able to find a great use for your scarf.

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