An Updated Quilt Layout

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I’ve had lots of requests recently to use the layout design I originally made for my #DYOSampler Quilt, which became the base for my Communique Quilt.  So, I took a little time and made a nice clean (digital) version of the layout for you all.


I think this version will be much more useful to you with easier to read block sizes, including sizes for the 2″ strip pieces. 


In an attempt to make your life a little easier, I've totaled up the number of blocks you will need in each size.  I've also included some recommendations for types of blocks to use.  Feel free to use those recommendations… or not.  Let your imagination run wild!

Block Size
Number of Blocks
Recommended Block Type
This block is so small that I don't recommend piecing it … unless of course, you're a masochist.
Solid or Simple Piecing
This block is still pretty small, so I would stick with a solid block or something simple like a Half-Square Triangle or Pinwheel
Simple or Moderate Piecing
This block size lends itself to simple piecing like Half-Square Triangles and Pinwheels, along with moderately more complicated or "busy" blocks like the Log Cabin or Friendship Stars.
Moderate to Complicated Piecing
Blocks this size should either have interesting piecing or a fabric pattern that lends itself to the larger size, such as a larger fussy-cut print.
Moderate to Complicated Piecing
Blocks this size should either have interesting piecing or a fabric pattern that lends itself to the larger size, such as a larger fussy-cut print.
Moderate to Complicated Piecing
Blocks this size should either have interesting piecing or a fabric pattern that lends itself to the larger size, such as a larger fussy-cut print.
Panel or Complicated to Intricate Piecing
This is a great area to showcase your favorite panel fabric, as I did in my original quilt, or to show off your favorite quilt block.  Because the block is larger, it will make it easier to piece more intricately designed blocks. Larger Pieces are always easier to work with.


This is a great place to use up leftover strips from a jellyroll, but these pieces can easily be cut from yardage as well.

Block Size
Number of Blocks

Get Your Copy

Click the link below to download a printable PDF of the pattern.

Download the PDF.

Your Projects

As you may know, I used this design as the center section of a king-size bed quilt.

I'd love to see your finished project! Share a link in the comments, or use the hashtag #CommuniqueQuilt on Instagram. I'm hoping to make one in this size soon, so look for it here, or on your favorite social network.

35 thoughts on “An Updated Quilt Layout”

  1. Hi Andrea,
    I would like permission to use your layout to make a quilt with your layout. I will be using vintage

    Thank You

  2. I’m trying to download the PDF link and can only download the layout. It isn’t including the detail on ideas on what fabrics to use based on the size of the block or piece. I’ve tried to highlight the infor in order to print but it isn’t allowing this either. Is it possible to include this info with the layout for printing and downloading as a PDF? Thank you!

  3. what a great combination of squares and rectangles! Thank you for your creation. I plan to use up alot of scraps to make it.

  4. Hi Andrea,
    Love your quilt design! May I use this for a Quilt of Valor, but add a couple of borders in order to meet the ‘best size’ requirement for a QOV? (Best size is 60″ x 80″ which is what I usually aim for.)
    Thanks for your consideration!

  5. Thank you do much for sharing this pattern. I have a good number of vintage sheets,large snd small scraps, as well as vintage hankies. This will be the perfect pattern for them! Quilters really are some of the most generous people 🙂

    1. You are most welcome. Just remember that the layout does not have your seam allowance, so you’ll want to add half an inch to the block size for your seams.

  6. I tried to print the PDF of the layout and the actual layout (the large size where you can see the whole layout) did not show up, only the header. Is there any way you can get that layout to me. The small one on your page is too small to really get the idea. Thanks, Brooke

    1. If you decide to make it, please share photos! Note that blocks are listed as their finished sizes, so you will want to add a 1/2-inch for your seam allowances.

      1. Hi my mom is going to use this pattern to make a blanket for my daughter. I know everyone is using scrapes but what how many different patterns do you think she should use? Just a rough guess. It is a beautiful pattern.

        1. In my version, I used log cabin blocks for all of of mine, except for the 4 and 2″ blocks, which I left solid, and the 16″ blocks, which I used panel pieces for. I’ve also seen the quilt done entirely with solid blocks of fabric, and with every block having a different design. I’ve collected the completed versions I’ve found here: Hopefully they will help you to get a better sense of what you want.

  7. Andrea love ❤️ this quilt. Hav saved to my ‘bucket list’ n excited 😊 to make it. The PDF link u posted on 1st March 2019 the sizes are mixed n there is no ‘king size’ pattern. Thank you for this beautiful design 👏🏼 and I will definitely post my quilt when completed

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