#DYOSampler Quilt Along: Designing the Layout

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You may remember that I mentioned in my Quilting Bucket List, that I really wanted to make the Gypsy Wife quilt….  It’s something that I’d still love to do, but SewMamaSew recently announced the #DYOSampler quilt along (and also a medallion quilt along, if that’s more your style), and I thought it would be a perfect project for me.

I’m planning to do the sampler in red, black, and tan, using my Communique fabric as a starting point.


But the first thing I needed to do for this quilt along was to design my own pattern.  So, I got my graph paper out, and sketched up a layout for my blocks.  If you’re doing this quilt too, and you need a few tips on making your design there’s a great tutorial on the SewMamaSew Blog.


Just like in the tutorial, I started out by drawing in some blocks in random places and sizes.  I then, divided up the quilt into piece-able  sections based on those squares (you’ll see those areas marked in red), and filled them in with more blocks.  I’m pretty happy with this layout, though I will have to do some partial block piecing because of how some of my blocks come together.  I can add that as another learning experience from this process.

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8 thoughts on “#DYOSampler Quilt Along: Designing the Layout”

  1. We math teachers LOVE graph paper plans.
    I have 300 prints ready to get started. I was originally reworking the gypsy wife to make a “calendar quilt”. I can visualize this plan a little easier. I have used a similar method for t shirt quilts.

    1. Thanks for the tip Meg. I always add half an inch to my measurements when I create designs like this. I just never expected anyone else to use my layout for their own quilt.

  2. Finished Empire Falls last night…has a weird ending, so just wanted to warn you! Still enjoyed most of the book…just couldn’t get why it ended that way???

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