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Toy Organization Essentials for Tiny Humans

One thing I have discovered about tiny humans is that they love to get all the things out, but not put things back up.  Mildred is a great example of this.  She will be playing with a toy, and then become distracted by another, and another, leaving a trail of toys in her wake. That…

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5 Fun Gift Ideas for Your Tiny Human

It may not even be Halloween yet, but Christmas is quickly approaching. There are only 62 days left until the big day.  And that means that it really is time to think about gifts, especially if you are planning handmade (by you or someone else) gifts, or if you’re hoping to get whatever the hot…

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My Bookshelves Tell a Story

The Decorista recently wrote a post about decorating your shelves. It had lots of great tips, but the style just didn’t work for me. Maybe my shelves just need to be as cluttered as my mind, but I like to have actual books to read on my book shelves along with my knickknacks. Books I…

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