Class of ’70 Reunion

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This weekend was really busy for me.  Dave and I ran sound for the Princeton Community High School Class of 1970 Reunion on Saturday night.  It was a lot of fun.  There are some really great people in that class, that I know very well, even if I am Class of 2003.

They had the party at the Princeton Knights of Columbus, so there was a lot of drinking, but there was also a lot of dancing, until very late, at least for old people.  I know, they aren’t that old, but we played music till 12:30 and cut them off.  I hate to think how long they would have lasted.  They actually danced the whole time too.

And the class of 70 really knows how to dance.

Of course, my favorite part was leading some of the dances.

And Dave and I had a lot of fun getting everybody going with some of the songs (Shout!, YMCA, and for some reason Strokin’ It by Clarence Carter).

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