Quilt Progress

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I’ve started working on my quilt again.  Yes, it’s been a while, but thanks to the wonderful ladies down at SewTech in Evansville, I now have the correct kind of bobbin for my machine and can adjust my own bobbin tension.  Apparently it’s not forbidden to do that after all.

But, back to my quilt.

As of now, I have completed one pieced circle.  That’s the small one – only 46 inches.

Right now I’m working on my 60 inch circle.  Yes, 60 inches is the same size as a table cloth for a round table.  And yes, I will be using one of my table cloths as a template to cut this circle out.

In case you don’t remember, it will look like this:

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Except that the finished version will all be in black, white and gray.  I’ve got half of the blocks pieced, and have sewn 6 of the blocks together so I could show you how it’s going to look.

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