Still Going Crazy

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With all the fun, exciting things going on in my life, I’ve been quite a slacker on all of my crafting and sewing projects, including my quilts.  Fortunately, when I went home last night, I started cleaning the basement, which is where my crafting area is.  I didn’t get too much cleaning done, but it got me back in my crafting area.  I managed to complete 2 more blocks for my crazy quilt.  That gives me a total of 12 blocks completed, and lucky for me, I’ve finally come up with a plan on how I want to lay out the quilt.

Since I’m doing crazy quilt blocks, I think it would look a little awkward with blocks stacked up against one another.  That lead me to sashing.  I figure if I put a bit of sashing between each of the blocks, it will keep the block edges from looking awkward next to each other.   I’m thinking that 2-inches should be enough to separate the blocks without going overboard.

Now, I’m just not sure I want the entire thing to be row on row of crazy blocks.  Even with all the fun things I can do with the block I think it would get monotonous.  If not in the final quilt, than for me making all of the blocks.  That leaves me with a couple of options.  I can either have a large blank area in the middle, or a large crazy quilted area in the middle.

I think it would look good with the large blank space in the middle, but I think it would look even better with a large crazy quilt block.

I’m just not sure how to go about making a 44 x 82 inch section without edges.  Mostly, I don’t know how I would get all the excess fabric rolled up well enough to work with my machine.  I have enough trouble manipulating fabric to sew quilt squares and segments together.

Do you have any ideas on how I could make it work?

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