Amazingly Easy Devil’s Food Cake

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I’ve been trying to make an effort recently to make some of the recipes I’ve been pinning to my recipes to try pinboard.  That way I can either move them to my recipes tried and loved pinboard for keeps, or remove them.  The other night, I decided to try a recipe for making a boxed cake mix taste like professional made from scratch cake.  It was really easy, and tasted great.

First you start with your boxed cake mix.  I just grabbed one I had in my pantry.  It happened to be Pillsbury Devil’s Food Cake Mix, but you can use whatever kind of cake mix or flavor you want.

Put the mix in a bowl, and then look at the ingredients list.  The ingredients list on this box of cake was 1-1/4 cups water, 1/2 cup oil, and 3 eggs.  Now, we’ll make some simple changes to those ingredients.

  1. Replace the water with milk
  2. Replace the oil with butter and double the amount
  3. Add one more egg than the recipe calls for (2 if you want really rich cake)

So I did all of that.  I only added the one egg because I was already using jumbo sized eggs.  That’s all I use in baking, I think it helps with the moistness and flavor.

When I got it all mixed together, my batter was a lot thicker than normal cake mix.  But, I think that made it easier to work with.  I put all my batter into my bunt pan, and put it in the oven according to the box directions.

The instructions I found said to bake the cake the same amount of time as the package said, but I ended up having to bake the cake another 10 minutes of so to get it to set.  But that may have been more to do with the bunt pan I was using than the recipe.

Once the cake was done, I let it set about 10 minutes before I flipped it over onto my cake tray.  I let it cool some more while I made a simple ganache for the top.

This cake not only looked pretty, it cut well, had a great texture and tasted amazing.


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