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What with all the binding and dressmaking I’ve been doing lately, I felt like it was time to start piecing another quilt.  I’ve been looking forward to making The Colorist for a while now.  It’s a Lizzy House pattern, and will be my first quilt with curves.

To save a little on fabric, I’ve decided to make the Baby Peep version, a smaller quilt which allowed me to cut my inner and outer ring fabric from two charm packs, a much less expensive enterprise than using a layer cake – about half the expense, actually.

I couldn’t find any cute Lizzy House prints for this.  Apparently none of my local retailers are awesome enough to carry her stuff, but I did find some Half Moon Modern charm packs that I think will be pretty darn cute in their place.

For the purposes of this project, and because there were enough brightly colored fabrics in each pack, I’m not using any of the grey fabric in the circles – only the brightly colored fabrics.  It’s going to give me a lot more options for the background fabric, because I just won’t use white.  It would never stay that color with the cat around.

I’ve had several people recommend I use a slate or charcoal grey for the background, but I think I want some color.  I was originally thinking about a cobalt/navy blue, a plum, or chocolate brown – something that would have color, but not take away from the vibrancy of the fabrics.  However I’ve also had recommendations for fuchsia and tangerine.

I’m also not sure – do I want a solid, or a texture?  At this point, I’m probably leaning toward a real solid.  I just don’t know what that solid is.

I should probably just go to one of my local quilt shops and find something.

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