Fiery Labyrinth Ready for the Quilter

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I’m always amazed how much faster quilt backs go together than the front, even when you have a decorative back.

The back on the White Labyrinth quilt was supposed to have a 20-inch inset block in it, using the fabrics from the front.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough strips in lengths I needed, so my inset block is only 14-inches.  It’s not a problem though, because I was easily able to make up the difference with the amount of backing fabric the pattern called for.

I’m glad to have this quilt ready to go to the quilter.  I recently sent 3 quilts to Cara from Cara Quilts, because she was able to get them in much sooner than any of the local ladies – and she does a fabulous job.  But it’s getting close to the 8-12 month window that the local lady gave me for getting one of my quilts in.  That means I want to have a quilt ready for her.  I’m thinking this will be that quilt.

Who do you use for your quilting?

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  1. Judy Blinkenberg on November 8, 2012 at 12:46 pm

    It sure is a pretty quilt and the backing is great. I have a lovely deep burgundy sectional and oh how pretty that quilt would be . Your backing looks great! I look forward to seeing how it gets quilted.

    • Andrea on November 8, 2012 at 1:49 pm

      Thanks, Judy! I’m looking forward to seeing the quilting too. I have no intensions of doing it myself. I wouldn’t want to tackle anything that large on my home machine, but I’ll be brainstorming concepts for the quilting, so that I have a rough idea what I’m looking for when I take it to be quilted.

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