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Last weekend, I decided that my sewing space was getting pretty messy.  I decided that the best thing to do was to do a little work and organize all of my fabrics again.  I’d done a pretty good keeping my fabrics organized by type and color, but when I used fabric, I was just shoving it back in the drawer.  It was making everything wrinkly and hard to find.

messy stash

messy stash

So, I ripped everything out of the drawers and ironed the worst offenders before putting them back.

I can see what I have now, but it also made me realize just how much fabric I really had. A LOT.  I have 3 drawers filled with nothing but quilting cottons.  They are almost all fat quarters, so I should be good for quilting fabrics unless I need yardage for backgrounds.

organized stash

Of course, if you have any yardage you would like to donate (for background fabric) so I can minimize the rest of me stash I’ll be happy to take it.

organized stash

organized stash

I’ll also take any time anyone wants to donate to quilt my finished tops.  I have 2 tops with back ready for quilting, and a top that I will be making a back for shortly.  Alternately, who do you use for your quilting?  My local long-arm quilters are booked out at least a year in advance.  They do fabulous work, but when you work as quickly as I do, it’s impossible to know you need something quilted a year in advance.


  1. carla on May 16, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    You can try my friend Joanna. She lives about 8 mi. from us toward Mt. Vernon. Email me if you would like her number or you can look her up on Facebook under Joanna’s Sewing.

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