Art Exhibit – David Rodenberg

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One of the perks of being the webmaster at my university is getting to go out and take photos of lots of the events happening on campus.  And that includes exhibits at the university’s art gallery.  The current exhibit is a beautiful pottery collection by David Rodenberg.  The pieces presented in his current exhibit are porcelain, porcelain paper clay, salt glazed porcelain and high fire stoneware.  The mottled earth tone color palette of the collection is beautiful, tying together the dragon motif pieces with the other exhibits in the collection.


When is the last time you went to an art exhibit?  Is there a certain type or style of art that draws you in more than others?  Personally, I prefer tactile pieces of art, like pottery and statues to paintings and photographs.  There’s something about pieces that are made to be used and touched that really inspires me.  What art inspires you?

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