Using Up Christmas Scraps

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Once I finished up my Christmas Crazy Quilt last week, I realized that I had a ridiculous amount of scraps left over from that quilt, so I’m using up my scraps in the best way I know how – more crazy quilt goodness.

To start, I was inspired by Margreet de Reus’s Christmas Mobile Ornaments on Etsy. Mine are made from the smallest Christmas scraps I had. Only one is done, but the 2nd isn’t far behind, with just a couple more seams to embroider before I’m ready to make the ornament.

crazy Christmas ornaments

Each of them will have a fabric backing featuring a motif from the quilting fabric.

crazy Christmas ornament backing

And I’m also making use of the larger pieces of fabric left over from my original crazy quilt. I’m planning to make a smaller lap sized crazy quilt without all the embellishments to display on the couch. I’m starting each block with pieces from the Yuletide Magic panel by Erin McAllister for Bernatex’s Folk Art Studio.


The quilt will be a relatively simple design, similar to my Halloween Crazy Quilt. Right now, I have 3 of my blocks finished.

Christmas quilt block #1
Christmas quilt block #2
Christmas quilt block #3

I will probably end up making this quilt 3 blocks wide by 4 blocks tall, instead of a such a small quilt as the 3×3 block quilt I made for Halloween.

What do you do when you finish a seasonal project and realize you have lots of seasonal fabric left over?


  1. Jamie Haney on October 21, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I love the Christmas fabric you chose– It says real old fashioned Christmas which is the best!

    • Andrea on October 21, 2014 at 10:11 am

      Thanks so much Jamie! I had a hard time deciding between the vintage and more religious fabrics for my Christmas quilt. But, I finally decided on vintage for the Christmas quilt and to go more religious for my Easter quilt. I love bunnies, but I’m not a big fan of decorated eggs and pastels. I’m hoping to get started on that Easter quilt soon. Did you get a chance to see the quilt these fabrics are left over from? I’m super proud of it!

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