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This week we're sharing another project by my wonderful internet friend, Anna in Spain! 
More from Anna below:

This is the quilt I think of with the greatest satisfaction. The “design” itself is no big deal, just appliqued hearts, but the fabrics are wonderful, considering that they are all scraps that were gifted to me about a decade ago when the WorldWideQuilting Bulletin Board was active. 

The recipients were both Christian believers, and as I pulled out random fabric scraps I realized I had enough to tell the creation story from Genesis 1.

The Blocks

  1. The earth was without form and void (swirls)
  2. The Spirit brooded on the face of the waters (butterfly)
  3. Creation of the “firmament” to separate the waters from the waters. (clouds)
  4. Creation of the Earth itself.
  5. Fish
  6. Plants
  7. More Plants
Three blocks were also made to represent creation of the “greater and lesser lights”, stars, sun and moon etc.
Row 3 represents the fish, birds of the air, animals etc. (I couldn’t resist the bugs!) The Teddy Bear fabric was as close as I could get to “man” in my stash.
As you can see, I made two identical “halves” so the quilt is never “upside down” (and because I didn’t have more variety of fabrics to play with.)
I used pale blue for sashing, partly because it was what I had enough of, but also to represent the sky and water…and the bright fish fabric was just so beautiful.
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  1. anna in spain on March 21, 2015 at 2:59 am

    One of the great things about this quilt was I got over my fear of the rotary cutter. I’d had one for ages and didn’t really know how to use it. Youtube helped me, because i could actually see and hear someone use it…and I could go back and watch a segment again if I needed to! The video I watched explained how to “square up” motifs…I loved that she said, “Don’t worry about what size the squares are “supposed” to be–find the smallest one you’ve got and cut the others to fit it!”

    Sashed quilts will never be my favourites but at least I know how to avoid pulling my hair out while making one!

    • Andrea on March 21, 2015 at 10:17 am

      Well, I think the quilt is a lot of fun, even if you might have wanted to pull your hair out while you were working on it. It’s such a fun way to use all of those novelty prints.

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