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It’s the last WIP Wednesday post of the year.  I’ve made a lot of progress on things this year, but I’ve still got more projects going than I would like. Maybe that’s something I could work on in the new year.

This week has been all about hanging sleeves.  I’m midway through putting hanging sleeves on all 8 of my Project Quilting Focus Through the Prism mini quilts.  It’s slower going than I would have liked because of all of the hand work. Hand work is not my favorite.  It can be so boring, especially when all you’re doing is using white thread to attach one piece of white fabric to another.

attaching hanging sleeve




Hopefully, I’ll get back to some more fun projects next week when season 7 of Project Quilting starts up again.

What are you working on this week?


  1. anna in spain on December 31, 2015 at 3:31 am

    Well, to make it more fun, you *could* use jazzy thread and a firm embroidery stitch to tack them on. Yeah, no one will every see it, but it would be more interesting!

    I have cut strips for a Roman Stripe baby quilt for my pastor’s second daughter. We aren’t at all close, but I did make a quilt for his first grandchild so it wouldn’t be quite fair not to, since we are only about 10 people. Her tastes in fabrics and colours are soooo not mine (I know this, I hemmed her curtains and tablecloth for her—oh dear!), so I am using the fabrics I don’t care for and she will probably love. I am discovering though how hard it is to work with colours and prints that your body just wants to reject! LOL

    I have a form of synasthesia associating sound with colour and shape and vice versa, so when I say these fabrics are “loud” and “noisy” that’s exactly what I mean. I don’t literally hear or see or feel the “noise” but I percieve it in my head and sometimes my skin. Urrrrh! I cut the strips on Tuesday and left them in a box…maybe when I pull them out it’ll be easier to combine them. When freshly cut, all I wanted to do was throw them out!

    And tonight is NYE, which means in our area many, many firecrackers and rockets–which for me with the synasthesia is like being slapped, repeatedly. Looks like I might as well spend the night working on the “ugly” quilt, it can’t get much worse! LOL We have many people in our area who emigrated from China, and boy do they love their loud bangs! Gonna be a long night, might as well make it a productive one.

    • Andrea on January 1, 2016 at 7:17 am

      That’s no good at all. I hope you’re able to make it through that quilt without too much difficulty. I love the idea of using fun thread and stitches to attach the hanging sleeves. These are getting mailed out to be part of a quilt show display though, so I probably shouldn’t do anything too wild with these. And they’re only 18-inches each. I’m just super lazy about handwork. Thanks for the idea!

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