What’s My Style Again?

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When I shop some of my favorite online retailers, I have a habit of using the little heart button that saves items I really like, so I can easily find them later.  And, the other day, I was browsing around Zulily, and decided to see if any of the items I favorited were still available.   There were quite a few of them, but that wasn’t what really surprised me.   What surprised me was how easily I could see my style, all bundled up on one (admittedly very long) page.

style-1 style-2 style-3 style-4 style-5 style-6

I could always tell you that my style leaned toward black and white, but this page really showed me that I’m a big fan of neutrals in general, with just a few small pops of color. And, I can tell you that this is not what’s currently in my closet. It explains why some things I own get worn all the time, while others are languishing on the racks.  So I plan to go thru my closet soon, and with a very critical eye, get rid of things that just aren’t my style anymore.

What about you? Do you have a certain style that is your go-to look?  Is your closet full of things that just don’t feel like you anymore?




  1. anna on June 20, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    I was just thinking about this: inside I’m a delicate flower; outside, I’m just a sturdy weed! A lot of my clothes were never really “me” but I have had to go for what fits and I can afford. Going clothing shopping is one of the most depressing pastimes in the world for a size 16 girl in a city of pencil-thin women. Sometimes it feels like anything that fits without being top-dollar is a) synthetic b) black or leopard print and c) tacky beyond all belief. And when I do find something that I like, that fits–I usually don’t have money to spare right then.

    I “had my colours done” in the 90s and discovered I am a Winter, and all my life my mother (a Spring) dressed me in the colours that suited her, not me. Apricot, yellow, spring green–when what suits me is ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst. When I started buying a few of my own clothes in college, almost everything was grey, black or white–to the place that people asked me if I could see colours! Yes, but those basics always go together and you always look put-together–and you can accesorize easily.

    I do love a blue-grey. Such a warm, snuggly colour it is to me. But then Autumn and Winter are my favourite times of year, and not just because of our super-hot summers. Unfortunately for me, we don’t get the sharp change in temperature that produces the pretty leaf colours; they just turn brown and fall off. Life. 😉

    Speaking of style…my hairdresser of the past 2 years vanished (rumour has it he is inside) so, in my right mind and shakin’ all over, I went to a new place this morning. All my life I have preferred a man to cut my hair, but I talked to a lady whose shop is near our house and asked her “Can you cut with a razor?” Razors went “out” in the 80s here, due to misplaced fears of AIDS. She said yes, so I went. And am very pleased with the result. I wear a 1920s bob (thank you Louise Brooks!!) and she showed me a picture of her grandma wearing the very same sort of cut! She also said, “That is exactly the cut that suits your hair and your face.”

    So hopefully this is gonna be a better week all around.

    • Andrea on June 22, 2016 at 1:31 pm

      Yea for haircuts! They make days a little better.

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