Bookish Questions – How many books do you buy in a year?

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How many books do you get/buy in a year?

dr-seuss-board-books-set-of-5For myself, I try not to purchase more than a couple of books a month, though I admit to purchasing more than that when I see books that I just need to have.  Sometimes it’s because I’ve come upon a collection of Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys books, and there are several I don’t own.  Other times, it’s because beautiful new editions of books I love have been released.

I also like to buy books for other people, and now that I have nieces and nephews, there are lots of great books to buy for them. It’s a great excuse for me to wander around the children’s section and reminisce about books I enjoyed as a child. Just this week, I purchased some board books that one of them will be getting for Christmas. Assuming I can keep from giving them that long.

That probably means, that overall, I purchase around 100 books a year.  It seems like a lot, but I swear it’s not.




  1. Paula on August 2, 2016 at 6:51 pm

    The Foot Book and Mr Brown Can Moo are two of our favorites!!

  2. anna on August 3, 2016 at 3:42 am

    I had thought I’d be able to buy second-hand books from the shop I told you about, and maybe trade some of mine. Turns out he won’t accept anything published before 1990! And he only offers 30 cents a title, while selling books for a minimum of 12 Euros. So I won’t be doing business there.

    Of late I have bought some books second-hand on Amazon but it’s not something I can do every month.

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