21 Weeks

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At 21 weeks, I’m more than halfway through my pregnancy. Last week was out anatomy scan. In case you missed our official announcement on the local radio, Spot Turner is officially Girl Spot.

When you have connections, you get a live gender reveal on the radio.

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We got to see lots of images of our little girl during the baby gender scan. The ultrasound technician was able to get all the measurements she needed, and #SpotTurner is looking healthy, though small. She is in the 8th percentile, which means that 92% of babies are bigger than her. That means a special trip to Perinatology (the high-risk obstetricians) for a second ultrasound to verify that everything is fine, but I’m not too worried. I was a tiny baby, and I turned out (mostly) normal. I’m sure Spot will too.


And now that we know that Spot is a girl, we can start making a list of names and register for cool stuff. I already got her a couple bows. And because my kid is super cool, they feature Batman and the fairy from the Zelda games (also seen in the above announcement I posted to Facebook).


I’ve also done a little clearing out and moving of furniture in Spot’s room. So far, I have moved the bed to a different place in the room and moved the glider rocker into the room. We still need to buy a crib and changing table/dresser, but those decisions are in the works.

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