22 Weeks

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We’re at 22 weeks and I’m finally starting to actually look like a pregnant person.  Of course, along with looking pregnant, my lower abdomen is sore as things start to stretch.  That has been a bit annoying, but considering the problems I hear about other people having, I really shouldn’t complain.

maternity selfie

What I can’t live with is all the random people who have suddenly decided that since I’m sharing my personal space with another human being that it’s OK to touch my stomach without asking.  Seriously, who does that? I’m seriously considering buying a shirt to remind people that it’s not OK.  I just can’t decide which one.


Spot still doesn’t have a name, but she is moving around more- or at least I notice it more often.  And as far as I know, she is doing well.  But since she is so small, I have to go to a special appointment with perinatology (aka “High Risk”) next Tuesday.  They will do a second anatomy scan with their high-resolution ultrasound machine and fancy charts, just to make sure everything really is fine.  I’m hoping I’ll get a less blurry photo of Spot and more cool photos, like the one we got of her spine.

Spot has a spine.

So – what exciting things are happening in your life?


  1. anna on December 2, 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Oh I hear you on the no-touching thing! Here in Spain when I got married it was quite common for older women to come up and lay their hand on your stomach when you weren’t pregnant, and say, “What about this? When are you going to get busy?” I learned to say, “You can move that hand or lose it.” DH would look the person in the eye and say, “Didn’t you know? I’m impotent!” (Item: he was not.)

    Just like at church some ladies think they have the right to scoop up any baby or toddler and mess them about. One friend’s son was very reserved from birth; the minute he got near the church he’d start to cry because he knew they’d be passing him from one to the other like a bag of chips, without even asking Mummy if it was okay!

    • Andrea on December 3, 2016 at 4:08 pm

      There was no touching, but we have been asked since the day we got married when we planned to have kids. I’m not quite sure when it became OK to ask people about their plans for procreation. I know enough people who can’t have kids, or have lost pregnancies (including myself), that I don’t ask people about having kids. Heck, I don’t even like to ask people if they are pregnant unless it is so obvious that you can’t miss it (like the baby is coming out).

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