24 Weeks – That’s 6 Months, People!

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First, the important stuff — I have super good news to report about all the bloodwork I had to have done last week.  It came back negative for the infectious diseases and genetic abnormalities they were testing for!  Right now that means we get to move on with the thought that Spot is just a tiny baby, and we are perfectly OK with that.

I will still be meeting with the high-risk doctor on a regular basis, as they will want to monitor Spot’s continued growth, and verify that there are no issues with my placenta passing her all of her nutrients and the exchange of oxygen and carbon-dioxide.   For me, that means lots more doctor’s appointments than we originally planned, but it also means getting to see my baby girl via ultrasound at least once every couple weeks. And that part is pretty awesome.

I’m also officially at 24 weeks now and tomorrow is my 6-month appointment with my regular obstetrician. I’m not sure what this appointment will entail, but I would guess that they will check for Spot’s heartbeat and see how I am doing with weight gain (that basically hasn’t happened yet).  Then, I have my 2nd appointment with my high-risk obstetrician on Tuesday of next week.  I’m sure that will mean more scans and photos of Spot – who should really be getting a name sometime soon.


Matt & I have been working on names, but nothing is making us both happy.  He has objections to all of my favorites, and I think all of his are boring and/or sound like little old ladies.  I think the biggest problem there is that Matt & I have such large families with lots of women in them, so most of the normal/traditional names are taken already.  The last thing we want to do is have our child share a name with a living relative.  Things like that are just confusing. That’s OK, though, we obviously just haven’t discovered the name that Spot wants yet.  We will get there.


  1. anna on December 15, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Trust me…your daughter will come out and say, “Hi there, I’m (…)!” So many of my friends planned to name their baby one thing or the other, but when the child turned up they suddenly found out that the “perfect name” wasn’t perfect for that person! Little Emma was supposed to be Jasmine, Alicia was going to be Paloma, even Andrew was supposed to be Miguel!

    Just make sure you give her a name people can pronounce and spell. I never use my first name anymore because of that…soooo many adults told me I was pronouncing my own name wrong! I gave it up. (We won’t even discuss people who spell Kaitlin “K-VIII-Lin”.)

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