27 Weeks

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Spot is 27 weeks along now and, based on her latest scans, doing well.  She moved around so much that I wasn’t sure they would be able to get everything they needed, but they were able to tell that Spot has gained 6oz in the last 2 weeks, making her a total of 1lb and 9oz. That puts her right in the 10th percentile, so according to the doctor, everything looks good on that end. 

However, I am now far enough along that I start having to go to the doctor more often. And since perinatology sees you twice as often as the regular OB, I am looking at weekly visits with high-risk. I also think next week will be my last monthly appointment with the regular OB, with those going to bi-weekly appointments. That appointment also will include the dreaded glucose test.  Let’s hope I pass the first one so I don’t have to take the 3-hour test. (Reminder to self: do not eat a cinnamon roll before you go to your appointment.)

Another fun thing is that the doctor mentioned inducing me a couple weeks early.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think to ask if that was for a medical reason, or for the doctor’s convenience.  While I would love to have 2 more weeks of maternity leave, I really need to remember to ask at my next visit, because I would think that if the baby is small, the doctors would want her to cook as long as possible.

But on to more fun and exciting things, Matt & I finally got around to doing a registry for Spot.  I wasn’t sure that Matt would want to go with me, but since we were registering for the big stuff like car seats, he agreed to go. Yea!  The biggest problem with doing the registry is that it takes forever. I think we literally spent 3 hours at Babies ‘R Us doing our registry, and I still need to go in and make sure we didn’t miss anything/registered for the correct amount of stuff. And to top that off, they recommend that I actually go back in a month (a couple weeks before my baby shower) to register for baby clothes, because those are changed out so often.  It’s seriously crazy, and I still have to go to target to do our registry there. At least that one will be for smaller items, like baby clothes, toys, and the like.

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