36 Weeks

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We are at 36 weeks, and it feels like a miracle that I’ve survived being pregnant this long. With all of the issues we have had in the last trimester, it’s nice to be at what is considered “full term.”  That way Spot can come any time now, and it would be perfectly OK.

According to my OB, I have even started to dilate, which means that if the baby is scheduled for delivery, they should be able to induce me instead of doing a c-section.  Don’t get me wrong, I kind of like the idea of a c-section, which comes without the usual pains of labor.  Heck, while they’re in there, they could go ahead and take out my appendix and gall bladder. I’m told I don’t really need them.  Of course, c-sections have a longer recovery time which would mean I would need more help when I got home, and I’m pretty sure that my husband won’t be able to take off from work that long. So, let’s hope that all goes well and we can do this childbirth thing as naturally as possible.

We are also going to hope that Spot doesn’t decide to come in the next couple days, as my niece Charli’s 1st birthday is Saturday, and I would hate to miss the party. Not to mention the issues it would cause if I was in the hospital delivering a baby during the party. I think my mom and dad would explode trying to decide where to be.

We did get another good report from the high-risk doctors.  There is plenty of blood flow thru the umbilical cord and plenty of amniotic fluid still. Of course there ought to be as small as she is. And though she had an arm in the way, Spot mostly cooperated with having her picture taken.

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  1. anna on March 9, 2017 at 10:23 am

    You don’t want to have a Caesar if you don’t need one. A lot of my friends had them (it was fashionable here a few years back, as it’s easier and quicker for the doctor) but it can cause all kinds of post-op unpleasantness.
    I’m sure you’ll do very well. Just breathe. 😉

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