Bookish Questions – Out of Shelf Space?

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What do you do when you run out of shelf space?

If you’re a big fan of e-readers, you may never encounter this problem, but thanks to the recent creation of my own tiny human, I suddenly have a lot less space for books.  So, while I would like my collection of books to keep growing, I’m completely out of space on my shelves.

Now, an ideal solution would be to get another bookcase, but I’m trying to avoid having furniture against every wall in my house. So instead, I checked out Pinterest. And somehow Pinterest let me down. Outside of stacking books in decorative piles on the floor, there really weren’t any ideas for solutions that weren’t just putting shelves on the wall or variations on a bookcase.

Now, there were a few of those ideas that I thought were great –

Like these baskets, in lieu of a traditional bookshelf.  (This could totally work for Mil’s books- which have already expanded beyond the space I originally planned for them.)

And these pretty modular cubes that would make a fun custom and easily moveable alternative to a traditional bookshelf.

Unfortunately, neither are great long-term solutions for my book collection. And I can’t convince my husband that I just need a library wall.  So, I’m asking you…. what do you do with your books when you run out of space on your shelves?


  1. Becca on November 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    We recycle books to a local thrift store that benefits our local animal shelter. Most if not all the books I currently have & read have been bought 2nd hand.

  2. anna on November 7, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Even now, occasionally I go through my books with an iron hand and sort out the ones that are just sitting there taking up space. I just did this; I have some TV-chef cookbooks from the 80s that I haven’t used since I was given them. Since secondhand shops here won’t take anything published before 1995, I will have to give them to a charity shop.

    There are books in my collection that will never get culled, and one or two that will have to be pried from my corpse’s stiffening fingers, but when you live in 60 square meters and that includes the bathroom, kitchen and utility space, sometimes you have to make hard choices.

  3. anna on November 7, 2017 at 8:48 am

    *secondhand bookshops, I meant.

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